Fixed Prosthodontics

Fixed prosthetic devices are either screwed or cemented onto natural teeth or onto dental implants. They can not be removed at home. These devices are commonly referred to as “bridges”. They can replace missing teeth as well as missing gum tissue.

Removable Prosthodontics

Removable prosthetic devices either sit on the gum tissue, clip onto adjacent teeth or clip onto dental implants. They can be removed at home. They are commonly referred to as “dentures”. They replace missing teeth and missing gum tissue.

Prettau Bridge®

The Prettau Bridge is a definitive proven prosthesis for full arch implant restoration. It is milled by CAD/CAM technology from a solid piece of zirconia. It is highly biocompatible, non-porous and much less abrasive to opposing teeth than conventional dental ceramics. Prettau distinguishes itself through its extremely high translucency and perfectly natural appearance.

The Smile-Lift®

As we age, the corners of the mouth naturally turn down and sag, giving a frown appearance. Also as we age, the edges of our front teeth wear. We call this a reverse smile line. When we design a dental prosthetic device, we use proven principles to reverse these problems. We use craniometric and neuromuscular techniques to establish a lower face height that supports a healthy temporomandibular joint. We position the teeth to compliment and support the lips. This precise process, which we refer to as The Smile-Lift, rejuvenates the face, prevents the sunken-in appearance common with old fashioned bridges and dentures, and takes years off your smile.

Lip Augmentation

Over the course of time, the skin surrounding the lips loses structure and volume and unwelcome lines and wrinkles can appear, reducing the proper tooth-to-lip proportion. This can lead to medically compromised situations such as reduced lower face height, arthritic changes to the jaw joints, and chronic angular cheilitis. When medically necessary, we can restore the correct anatomic proportions with fillers, such as Botox or Juvederm. Used for over 20 years, these dermal fillers can lift the corners of the mouth, replace lost hyaluronic acid and restore youthful smiles.