First published in November of 2017, 'Elevating Your Expectations' serves as the official magazine for friends and patients of Dr. David Forlano. Published twice a year, print editions of the magazine are made available to all patients. A digital version is found here on our website. The idea of publishing a magazine for the practice has been years in the making. We are proud to introduce our first issue and look forward to many more to come. 

Our Mission

Founded in 1988, the dental practice of Dr. David Forlano is dedicated to providing the finest dental care based on a multidisciplinary evaluation of the entire masticatory system. A leader and educator in dentistry, the practice elevates patient expectations through an unparalleled patient-doctor relationship. As the official magazine of the practice, this publication’s first aim is to educate its readers on the latest dental trends and techniques. Secondly, the magazine serves as a connection between its readers and the practice’s staff.

Our Name

‘Elevating Your Expectations’ has been a true representation of Dr. Forlano's practice over the past 30 years, because he has continually strived to improve the practice, the dentistry he delivers, and the customer service his team provides. As the practice's tag line, the slogan proved to be a fitting name for Dr. Forlano's magazine. With each edition of the magazine, we hope to elevate your expectations

For Advertisers

Dr. Forlano is a proud supporter of local and small businesses! Through the publication of this magazine, we hope to connect our readers with Long Island businesses and services. If you would like your business to be featured in the next issue, please contact our office. Please review our Media Kit and Rate Card for more infomation.

Advertiser Terms and Conditions. 

You may be asking yourself, “So why is my dentist publishing a magazine?” It’s certainly not because I have nothing better to do in my free time; but rather, I feel the biggest challenge in my career has been communicating with my patients. There is so little time during office hours to fully detail and explain procedures, dental materials, treatment options, etc...

Furthermore, there is so much that goes on behind the scenes of your dental appointment from the chemistry of my team members, to the ongoing advances in technology that this stuff deserves attention. Also, one of my primary goals is to educate my patients so they can make informed decisions about their dental health.