Melissa, a distinguished 2017 graduate of SUNY Farmingdale School of Dental Hygiene, is a true luminary in the field of dental hygiene. A testament to her dedication and proficiency, Melissa was honored with the prestigious John Oppie McCall Award for her outstanding clinical treatment of periodontitis. Melissa's enthusiasm for advancing dental hygiene extends beyond the clinical setting. Her active participation in the Greater New York Dental Meeting underlines her commitment to staying at the forefront of industry advancements. Melissa's commitment to continuous learning is exemplified by her certificates in administering local anesthesia and laser periodontal therapy. In addition to her clinical role, Melissa shares her wealth of knowledge as a professor of Clinical Aspects of Dental Hygiene at CUNY City Tech. Her dedication to teaching and mentorship reflects her passion for shaping the future of dental hygiene and ensuring that the next generation of hygienists benefits from her expertise.

Melissa is not just a dental hygienist; she is a guardian of oral health, an advocate for excellence, and a pioneer in her field. Her legacy of exceptional patient care, dedication to research, and commitment to education define her as an invaluable asset to our practice.

Front Desk


With a remarkable career spanning over two decades, Tracey is not just a Dental Assistant but a Certified Auxiliary of the International Congress of Oral Implantologists. She's the linchpin that ensures your dental journey is smooth, organized, and financially worry-free.

Since becoming a part of our dental family in 1997, Tracey has been a constant source of support and expertise. Her longevity in our practice is a testament to her unwavering commitment to dental care and patient well-being.

Tracey wears many hats within our practice. Beyond her role as a Dental Assistant, she is the point person for your appointments, financial queries, and the management of medical and dental insurance claims. Her thorough understanding of the intricacies of insurance ensures that you maximize your benefits while minimizing hassles.

Tracey is more than just a dental professional; she is your dedicated guide on the path to a healthier, brighter smile. Her experience, ongoing education, and proficiency in managing the logistics of dental care are invaluable assets to our practice. With Tracey by your side, your dental experience will be seamless, informed, and worry-free.


Karen earned her Bachelor of Fine Arts degree from CW Post/Long Island University in Public Relations.  She also earned a Masters degree in Education.  She joined our team in 2014 as our concierge.  Karen coordinates our educational events, assists in accommodations for those traveling from out-of-state or with special needs, facilitates communication with our clients, and manages Dr. Forlano's speaking engagements.


With a career spanning back to 2005, Ivy brings over 15 years of dedicated experience to the dental field. Her journey began as a dental assistant, where she developed a deep understanding of various facets of dentistry. This foundation led her to pursue higher education, earning a Bachelor's degree in Biology and a Master's degree in Molecular Biology. Ivy served as the Chief Dental Assistant for nearly a decade in Garden City, NY, where she closely collaborated with a dental office consultant. This period exposed her to the intricate workings of efficient dental practice management, cementing their commitment to excellence and patient-centered care. Her commitment to providing exceptional patient care is underpinned by her scientific background, attention to detail, and a genuine passion for oral health.  She is an integral part in implementing and harnessing the potential of AI to streamline and optimize our practice. This innovative approach ensures that our practice runs efficiently, allowing us to focus more on delivering exceptional patient care and creating a seamless, comfortable dental experience for all.

Dental Assistants


Since joining our team in 2012, Mandi has been the driving force behind our commitment to exceptional dental care. With a rich tapestry of skills, she is a true asset to our practice. Mandi's skill set is vast and impressive. From the artistry of dental photography to her mastery of CEREC and digital dentistry, she's a trailblazer in the field. Her ability to expertly stain and glaze dental crowns ensures that our patients leave with not just functional restorations but also beautiful smiles. Mandi's commitment to her profession is second to none. She is one of the select few dental assistants in the state to hold both certification and licensing. This dedication to continuous learning and professional growth ensures that our patients receive top-tier care. Mandi is the backbone of our practice, ensuring that every patient's journey is marked by precision, artistry, and professionalism. We are fortunate to have her as our Chief Dental Assistant, and her legacy of excellence continues to shape our practice.


Marvin was born and raised in the Philippines where he earned a dental degree. He practiced dentistry there for several years before moving to the United States. Marvin joined our team as a dental assistant in 2011. In addition to chairside dental assisting, Marvin manages the laboratory & prosthetic aspect of our practice.


In January 2023, Myla joined our dental family, bringing a wealth of experience and a heartwarming approach to patient care. With a unique background and a deep commitment to making every patient's experience exceptional, Mila is more than a Dental Assistant – she is your dental confidante. 
Before joining our team, Myla served as a Dental Clinic Supervisor in Manhattan for the past five years. Her experience in supervising a dental clinic has honed her skills in managing a smooth and efficient practice. Myla's strong leadership background ensures that our office operates seamlessly, and our patients receive the highest standards of care. 
One of Myla's remarkable attributes is her fluency in English, Spanish, Ukrainian, and Russian. This linguistic versatility means she can communicate with a wide range of patients, ensuring that language is never a barrier to receiving top-tier dental care. 
Myla's presence in our team signifies an exciting new chapter in our practice. Her experience, compassion, and dedication to creating a welcoming environment for patients are invaluable. With Myla by your side, your dental journey will be marked by comfort, confidence, and excellence.


Meet Natalie, a rising star in the world of dentistry. Although relatively new to the field, her journey has been nothing short of impressive. With a foundation in oral surgery and a background in administrative work, she brings a unique blend of skills and a strong commitment to excellence. Natalie has quickly earned a reputation for her exceptional learning agility and dedication. Her ability to adapt swiftly to the dental environment is a testament to her passion for patient care. Her warm, compassionate demeanor and sharp attention to detail make her an invaluable asset to our team. We are thrilled to have Natalie as part of our dental family, and we look forward to witnessing her continued growth and contributions to our practice.

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