Our state of the art diagnostic abilities center around the OrthoPhos DS Digital Imaging System. With up to 90% less radiation than traditional dental x-rays, this system enables us to capture images in less than 30 seconds. Not only images of the teeth, but images of developing tooth buds, sinus cavities, temporo-mandibular joints and the alveolar jaw bones.

Diagnostics & CAD/CAM

Our network of diagnostic software, including Sidexis, Simplant and OrthoCad, enable us to manipulate and visualize hard tissue in 3 dimensions - a feat impossible with standard dental x-rays. Combined with CAD/CAM technology, we will ensure an accurate diagnosis and precise dental treatment.

Mobile Cone Beam

Cone Beam Computed Tomography has been a major breakthrough in modern dentistry. Truly state of the art, CBCT provides an incredibly accurate 3-dimensional image of the jaws and teeth. We use two mobile CBCT units, which means scans can be performed right here at our doorstep, at your home or place of business. No more traveling for your scans.

Piezoelectric Surgery

We use gentle piezoelectric surgical instrumentation for many surgical procedures. It is much kinder to the gums, blood vessels, nerves and the membranes which line delicate areas, such as the sinuses. Ultrasonic vibration produced by a special surgical instrument is used to achieve unparalleled precision and patient comfort.

Same Day Crowns & Bridges

Instead of a mouthful of impression material, we use CEREC technology to digitally scan teeth for crowns, bridges and inlays. Once the digital file is acquired, our state-of-the-art equipment can mill a restoration from a solid block of porcelain, lithium disilicate and even zirconia...enabling us to deliver precisely fitting restorations the same day. No more wearing temporary crowns while waiting for lab work. With our two CEREC acquisition units, two milling units, and two firing ovens, we can assure a smooth and precise workflow for same-day restorations.

Digital Dental Records

When you enter our office, you will not find an unsightly wall of paper charts. All of our dental records have been digital for over 15 years. From images to documents, we are virtually paperless. We are able to access your dental records with just the click of a button. Be assured that your dental records are legible, archived, and easily accessible. For prescription medications, we are equipped with electronic prescribing straight to your pharmacy.